About Casa Kambistro

For more than 30 years our experts have worked in business, technology and catering. As a family passionate about food, helping others and coming from a diverse cultural background based in South America, Guyana, we decided that the time was right to go after our dreams and give something back to society through our food.

That’s when we decided to open Casa Kambistro, a cafe / bistro with social interest. 

Working with Local Food Banks

As a community-focused bistro, we don’t believe that anyone in our area should go without. That’s why we work closely with local food banks, ensuring that they’re given quality products to pass on to those in need.

A Great Atmosphere

We want the whole community to use this space to have a good time. Whether you’re a student who wants to host a music night, or you just want to gather here with friends, we always aim to make the atmosphere as friendly as possible.

A Place for Everyone

Community engagement is the most important thing for us. That’s why we opened this cafe / bistro, and it’s why we host themed evenings, offer Wi-Fi to guests, and we will soon have a children’s corner. We care about every person in this community, and that includes you.

Snap Chat, Pintrest and YouTube are on its way… watch this space!

Next year we will be launching our bistro app making it easier for you to engage with us, access the menus, hear about the latest events, offers and place your order direct through the app.

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